General Dentistry services include regular checkups and examinations, scale and cleans, and fluoride treatment. 

Our general dental check-up services always begin with a thorough assessment of your oral health followed by a meticulous cleaning and fluoride treatment. 

Routine digital X-rays are conducted for all new patients, as well as regular attendees every two years to accurately assess oral health and detect any underlying issues or concerns for prompt treatment. Greenacre Dental can offer two types of digital X-rays on-site: bitewings and OPGs. 

Assessment of gum health and oral hygiene is also performed. Advice, oral hygiene instruction and education are offered to help improve the health of teeth and gums. 

Children or people experiencing gum disease may require more specific dental hygiene instruction. 

Routine dental checkups are preventative services and help reduce the risk of long-term dental complications. 

General dental appointments are recommended every 6 months. Some patients may require more frequent appointments.