Emergency Information

Greenacre Dental Surgery is not an emergency dental practice.

Patients require an appointment to be seen by our dental practitioners. Due to the busy nature of the practice, we cannot accept walk-in patients without an appointment.

However, we fully understand how distressing and painful dental emergencies can be and strive to provide patients with a solution to their emergency.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call reception on (02) 9750 2080 to arrange an appointment. Our reception team will do their best to arrange an appointment and offer you the first available appointment time with our first available dentist.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 000 or head to the Emergency Department at the closest hospital.

Knocked Out Tooth

Quick action is needed. Once you find the tooth, hold the tooth from the crown (top). Clean it thoroughly in milk or saline. Reinsert it into the socket, place a thick gauze or handkerchief on top and bite down to secure in place. Then head to an emergency dentist.

Do not reinsert a baby tooth if it has been knocked out, but do clean the tooth and keep it in milk until it is assessed by a dentist.

Severe Pain

Persistent, intense dental pain needs to be assessed in person by a dentist.

In the meantime, until you see a dentist, relieve your pain with over-the-counter pain relief, apply a cold pack to the sore area and consume a soft diet. Continue brushing your teeth normally. Avoid any hot beverages or heat packs to the area, as it may make symptoms worse.

Swelling or Abscess

These can be signs of infection. A dentist would need to assess you and may prescribe antibiotics.

If you cannot manage an appointment with a dentist, you can alternatively contact your GP, as they can assess you for infection.

Apply a cold pack to any swollen areas to help reduce pain and swelling.

Lost filling or crown

Please contact the surgery so we can assist you.

If you have the crown (cap), rinse it in saline (salt water) and keep it safe.

Implant problems

Please contact the surgery so we can assist you.

If you are experiencing pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relief until you see a dentist.