Cosmetic, Implant and General Family Dentistry.



Our qualified and conscientious team are committed to providing you outstanding dental care.

We use the finest materials and technology to provide you quality dental treatment . We pride ourselves in our caring , gentle and safe approach. Safety standards in particular are important to us. Our new computers and digital x-rays are cutting edge technology.

We want our dental treatment to give each patient confidence, to look and feel magnificent and most importantly to stay healthy for years to come. A beautiful smile enhances your overall appearance. Healthy and attractive teeth contribute to a better quality of life.

We provide a wide scope of dental services. Every patient is treated for their individual needs . We realise that all patients have varying needs and we place great importance on customer care.

Please note that we are not an emergency dentist and patients require bookings to see our dental practitioners.  


Browse through our site for some examples of how we have enhanced our patients livesdiscover the services we provide, meet our expert and caring team, keep an eye on our announcements, and of course don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Dental bills can be expensive – costs for restorative, cosmetic and maintenance work performed on teeth isn’t cheap and nowadays with the rise of decay and poor oral hygiene, bills are more frequent too! Check out our tips to minimise dental problems and their consequent bills (September 2015) at our Announcements page.

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