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This is includes your regular check ups cleaning and fluoride treatment. It also includes simple restorative procedures as fillings, gum care and scaling. Digital x-rays are also routinely done for new patients and every two years for regular attenders; both type of x-rays (bitewings and OPGs can be taken at our premises). Often, especially for children, hygiene instruction will be given, including how to brush effectively, and dietary advise will be stressed for optimum dental maintenance.

Tooth Brushing


Cosmetic dentistry includes major dental work performed in order to produce a “Smile Makeover”. “Smile Makeovers” enhance your smile correcting chipped, stained or misplaced teeth. Often, this includes, porcelain crowns, veneers or caps, tooth whitening or pigmentation enhancement, bonding, dental bridge work and dentine reshaping.

More extensively, prosthodontics and orthodontics are included in cosmetic dentistry; though we do not complete orthodontic treatment here we can refer you to one of our trusted orthodontic colleges for treatment.



We have invested a great deal of time in continuing our education and realize the preferred method of replacing a missing or lost tooth is with a dental implant. Dental implants look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Sometimes, a tooth which is beyond saving, must be extracted in order to be replaced. In other instances, the tooth has been missing or lost for a long time and the tissue has healed well in the potential implant spot. There is a surgical and a prosthodontics component to implant surgery. Surgery may involve tooth extraction, followed months later by the fitting of the titanium abutment. Next, a cap or veneer is placed on the metal implant to mimic the tooth. All the dentists at Greenacre dental are ASID accredited for dental implants.


OCCLUSAL PROBLEMS (bite or TMJ dysfunction)

Occlusal dentistry is the relationship between the upper and lower teeth in the mouth (the maxillary and the mandibular) whilst at rest or chewing (moving). Occlusal problems extend from TMJ dysfunction or clenching issues to “bad bite” or malocclusion. TMJ or other clenching problems leads to grinding, broken teeth, wear, unsuccessful dental cosmetic work, ear pain, neck pain, jaw pain and most commonly headaches.

A simple dental examination, particularly of the occlusal muscles and jaw, can determine whether you are at risk of TMJ or bite problems. It can even prevent further damage occurring to your oral condition. Treatment options include night guard splints or other oral devices which can be made at our surgery. Malocclusion can also be assessed at our surgery and treatment established within our team or referred off to a professional network of occlusal specialists.



Root canal treatment is a procedure used to replace a broken down or infected pulp of the tooth which can still be saved. The pulp or the tooth’s nerve can be removed from the tooth’s structure in order to allow repair and prevent further damage in the surrounding area. Usually the nerve becomes damaged from decay which has caught itself under the pulp, but gum disease, bruxism or other dental trauma can also provoke RCT treatment. Endodontic treatment can take several visits in which sterile medications are placed in the tooth to accelerate healing.


Once the root canal is complete its best to place a crown to prevent further fractures, and give the tooth a natural appearance. This is classed under cosmetic work and has further costs.



Invisalign, also known as removable braces, are a series of clear, customed made aligners which gradually move your teeth to the desired, straighter positioning. They are virtually invisible, comfortable to wear and easy to remove. Aligners are individually made to tailor progressive orthodontic treatment, to straighten your smile. To find your eligibility for Invisalign treatment, book a consult with our hygienist Ari.


For further information, follow the link  http://www.invisalign.com.au/en/what-is-invisalign/Pages/What-is.html



We custom make all mouthguards for sporting activities, night guards for occulsal problems or TMJ dysfunction  and retainers for ongoing orthodontic maintenance.



Tooth whitening has become very popular in recent years. At Greenacre Dental we custom make bleaching retainers and provide individual and specialist counselling for your whitening regime. Using Colgate Whitening kits, we instruct the at home bleaching procedure and even demonstrate the first trial with you at our surgery. To find your eligibility for whitening, book a consult with our hygenist Ari.


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