For many patients it is helpful to see the outcomes of previous treatment that has been completed. It may help to understand the results you can expect.

The photography featured below are from actual patients when treatment was  completed by Dr Chris Papastavros or an associate dentist at Greenacre Dental.

Porcelain Crowns and Bonding

This patient, a lady in her mid-20’s, was concerned about gap between her front teeth as well as the shade and size of teeth. Her teeth were whitened, then cosmetic bonding performed to correct shape and crowns issued to finalise treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

A middle aged lady’s original teeth were discoloured and chipped. Six porcelain veneers corrected the smile. Approximate cost $5000.

Restoration of a Badly Worn Dental Occlusion

A senior lady – 74 years old, had a neglected and broken down smile. Over the course of 3 months, Greenacre Dental put porcelain crowns on her upper teeth, while her lower teeth are resin direct build ups.  Approximate total cost for the full make over was $6000.

Complete Cosmetic Makeover

A 32 year old man came to Greenacre Dental with badly stained, chipped and misplaced teeth. Six zirconium porcelain crowns (metal free) were placed. Metal free crowns are most natrual as light is reflected through the porcelain and no masking agents are needed to cover the metal coping underneath. However, they can be slightly more costly at $1200 – $1500 per crown.

Dental Smile Correction with Bridgework

A middle aged lady with multiple missing stained and broken teeth asked Greenacre Dental to help restore her confidence. In such a case where teeth are missing, porcelain bridgework can be the best answer.


Below is a photographic example of a restorative dental implant performed at Greenacre Dental over several months. This 34 year old was missing a front tooth and also experiencing significant staining to neighbouring teeth. The missing tooth was lost 20 years prior in a pool accident. The patient has been wearing an acrylic denture for those 20 years. A decision was made to place an implant with a porcelain crown and also a porcelain crown on the neighbouring tooth. Total time to complete treatment 4 months. Total cost of the implant surgery was $2500 and the cost of the two crowns was $3000.

Dentist Greenacre Dental Surgery Practice Sydney Dr Chris Papastavros